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I love kebab

Наші працівники

Do you like delicious, rich and good food? Then you will definitely rate the kebabs with I love kebab . After all, everything is brilliant - it's simple! The meat is just out of heat, generously flavored spices, in combination with fresh salad, vegetables and sauce, and all this in thin lavash. Yummy! By the way, this dish though has an oriental one origin, but in the form in which we used to eat it, came to us from germany Almost 50 years ago, in a little Berlin One Turkish emigrant turned into a restaurant for roasting in pita bread Vertical grilled meat with sauce and vegetables. Since then, kebab has received many culinary fans around the world. There are many variations Cooking kebab in different countries - Mexican "Fahito", Greek "Gyros", german "doner", estonian "canorttillo". They differ between themselves and "wrap" dishes and fillings. For example, in the US, in the South In some places in Louisiana, kebabs put alligator flesh. We're pretty a young but already well-known institution I love kebab does not excite such exotic guests we offer However, we know how to surprise even the greatest kebabs in all variants of their preparation. From the big assortment of us, you will definitely choose your favorite kebab. Do not you believe Come and see!

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